Eight Egyptian Movies and TV Shows That Will Make You Nostalgic

Egyptians are well known for quoting movies and such. You wouldn’t be a true Egyptian if you don’t  relate to those quotes borrowed from your old TV set. The ones we relate to the most though, are the oldest ones from productions we grew up watching, we still know every single line by heart. Here are eight Egyptian movies and TV shows that will definitely make you nostalgic.

Bakiza w Zaghloul

There’s always a Bakiza in every group of friends and in every family. Yes, that’s what you call her thanks to awesome character of Bakiza El Daramally played by Soheir El Bably.

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Yawmeyat Wanees

Remember being glued to the TV waiting for Baba Wanees and Mama Maissa? If yes, then I bet you can still recite their anthem.

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3a2elat El Hag Metwalli

This show has been airing for more than a decade non-stop, to the extent that you know which is the last scene of every episode. Despite the amount of its sexist content, but you can’t help but watch it every single time it airs.

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Even if you can’t remember any line, you still know every single word of the theme song. oh, lets not forget about his best friend Rashida and how you probably called a friend or two after her. 

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Hamam F Amsterdam

Because finding Toscanini on Google Maps during your trip to Amsterdam and taking a selfie in front of it is every Millennial’s dream. You’d probably be singing the movie’s songs on your way there.

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Se3eedy Fel Gam3a El Amrikeya

Heneidy never gets old, so will never the scene when he tries to recite his poem to Abla.

El Nazer

This is definitely Alaa Waley El Din’s gift to the world. Thanks to him and Gawaher, you can’t help but roll on the ground laughing every single time you watch this movie. I bet you even copy his dance moves whenever Mambo no.5 is played.

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Abou Ali

Karim Abdelaziz and Talaat Zakaria were an awesome duo that we still quote until today. Also, if your name’s Mariam, then you’ve probably suffered a lot. Sadly, the guy who was singing in that scene recently passed away.

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Ga2ana El Bayan El Tali

If there’s an award that goes to the most quoted movie, it should go to this one.

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WE SAID THIS: “Goumy beena nemshy!”