An Open Letter to My Eid’s First Morning Coffee!


Dear morning coffee,

It’s been a month since I last smelt your soul creeping into mine, sending shivers down my spine. It’s been 30 days since I laid my eyes on your smoking hot existence. It’s been 720 hours since I ran to your caffeine haven in the early hours of the morning, and it’s been 43,2000 minutes of craving, hurting, agony, daydreaming and occasional tantrums. I’m not even sure of these numbers, my brain isn’t functioning anymore.

Your absence has allowed my inner toddler to surface and hurt people…and things. Just yesterday, I almost smashed my laptop because there was no Wi-Fi, it wasn’t even its fault. The day before, I almost intentionally ran over human beings with my car because they were simply there. Yet, the most excruciating moment of all was our first week apart when someone asked me at work if I’ve seen his phone and I said no, knowing exactly where it was but the toddler wanted people to feel the same pain of separation.

I have just touched you and I now feel safe, embracing you and sniffing you like the coffee creep I was born to be.

WE SAID THIS: Thank you, Eid!