An Ode to Donkeys: All the Reasons Why We Love These Adorable Underdogs

In the Middle East, calling someone a donkey is usually an insult, and as a result, donkeys are seen as useless animals and they’re often under-appreciated. But the good news is, there are people who know their worth, and in some places, these fun and friendly animals are called the “dogs of the livestock world” due to their loyalty.

Since we think every day should be World Donkey Day (technically it’s the 8th of May), we decided to give them some much-needed appreciation by letting you in on some interesting facts about them.

Donkeys can sometimes live for over 40 years

‘Jack’ is what you call a male donkey, and ‘Jennet’ is what you call a female donkey

With excellent memories, donkeys can remember a place they’ve been to or other donkeys they’ve met 25 years ago

Donkeys have a large appetite, and can consume up to 6,000 pounds of food per year

Their large ears allow them to hear other donkeys from a distance of 60 miles, in proper desert conditions

Donkeys come in several shapes and sizes; there are so many types out there

Donkeys are super cuddly

A visitor petting one of the donkeys at Animal Care Egypt in Luxor
via Picuki

They need to unwind too sometimes…can anyone relate?


Posted by Mohamed Dorgham on Friday, May 1, 2020

And don’t forget, Donkey was everyone’s favorite character in the movie Shrek

WE SAID THIS: If you’d like to contribute to the protection of these beautiful creatures head to Animal Care Egypt or SPARE for donations and volunteering.