An Exclusive With Egyptian Director Morad Mostafa On His Short Film Competing At Festival De Cannes

With three short films under his belt as well as his smashing debut feature film ‘Aisha Can’t Fly Away Anymore’, Egyptian director Morad Mostafa has been making a big name for himself in the film industry. While touring the world, his three short films, ‘Henet Ward’, ‘What We Don’t Know About Mariam’ and ‘Khadiga’ have competed in over 100 festivals across the globe, earning dozens of awards along the way including an Oscar-qualifying award. This year, his work continues to earn a big spotlight especially during the upcoming Critics Week Competition where his short film, ‘I Promise You Paradise’ will have its world premiere and be competing among a lineup of other films as part of the short film competition.

Speaking with Mostafa, we got to learn more about his upcoming Cannes premiere, “this is going to be my fourth short film after my three short films were nominated at the Clermont-Ferrand International Short Film Festival and it’s just going to be a continuation of what I started which is to make stories and films about non-Egyptian characters, specifically African characters who live in Egypt. I want to tell these stories because I used to live in an area where I was exposed to a vibrant and bustling African community.’ He went on to say how there is a need for such stories that talk about Egypt but through the lens of the African community. Knowing what is in store, we cannot wait to see Mostafa’s exciting new film.

With Critics Week coming up this May, be sure to keep an eye out for tickets so you don’t miss out on the special event.

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