A Personalized Experience? The MarQ Communities Has Got Something For Everyone

As you flip your television channels making your way through the Ramadan shows, you’re bound to come across an ad or ten. One ad that particularly caught our attention was The MarQ Communities’ latest ad featuring none other than celebrities, Amr Youssef and Kinda Alloush. The married couple is seen along the vibrant backdrop of The MarQ Communities’ latest projects catering to a niche clientele community of various buyers. From The WaterMarQ to The MarQVille, here’s all you need to know about art-driven real estate developers’ exciting projects.

Blending nature with modern architecture, The MarQ Communities is an exclusive gated environment where residents can enjoy luxury at its finest. Catering to families on the hunt for a lavish lifestyle with a vibrant, green-based community that is paired with unrivaled services. Now that you know more about The MarQ Communities, let’s dive even deeper into their novel projects.

The WaterMarQ

The WaterMarQ prides itself as an innovative and edgy community that cares about the comfort and satisfaction of each of its residents. Out of the 100 million population in Egypt, a hundred individuals will get exclusive access to luxury by becoming residents, marking those lucky ones as “one-in-a-million.” The WaterMarQ proves its uniqueness not only through its attention to detail but also through its hundred stand-alone villas overlooking a clear swimmable lagoon.

The MarQGardens

The first personally branded residences are exclusive to The MarQGardens, an all-villa exclusive community with on-demand hotel services to compliment the luxury brought to residents by The MarQ Communities in their every offering.

The MarQVille

The MarQVille offers its residents a truly personalized experience. Ranging from all villas having exclusive communities, personally branded residencies to a wide selection of gardens; The MarQVille gives its residents a chance to tell their unique stories. No wonder a whopping 168 villas sold in only four hours.

The WonderMarQ

Dubbed the city of festivities, The WonderMarQ creates an experience filled with wonder and delight, perfectly paired with its one-of-a-kind lifestyle. Marked by its magical gates, from the moment you set foot, you’ll be transported to an experience that is guaranteed to fill your creative soul with its ubiquitous sculptures and artwork.

So, what are you waiting for? To enjoy a wholesome, memory-rich life for your family, look no further than The MarQ Communities. Be sure to also stay tuned for their Sahel project launch!

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