Amr Warda Causes Greek Social Media Backlash After Posting Instagram Story

Just when you think Egyptian football player, Amr Warda, has had his share of social media uproars, a simple Instagram story starts a new backlash.

Amr Medhat Warda, who plays for Greek club PAOK and the Egyptian national team, made headlines in Greece after sharing a gym selfie while wearing PAOK’s basketball team jersey.

According to Greek media reports, Warda is one of the players Greece giants PAOK are looking to resolve ahead of the upcoming season. Sharing a selfie with POAK’s basketball jersey was quite puzzling for Greek fans.

“The Egyptian midfielder in Thessaloniki published an image on instagram at the gym wearing the basketball uniform, of course he has no black and white future, he should search for his next stop in his career, apart from everything, Europeans in his list,” the Greek website ThesSports said about the story.

“The question, of course, is how long the player will still be wearing a PAOK shirt, since black and white do not depend on him on their list. The Egyptian player is already looking for a team to complete his career with, as do PA officials who want to get rid of the Egyptian player’s contract,” Nova Sports stated.

PAOK has expressed concern over Warda’s behaviour rather than his football skills, especially after his social media sexual harrassment scandal at the 2019 Africa Cup of Nations earlier this summer.

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