Amr Diab May Have Written a Song About Dina El-Sherbini and Fans Are More Than Jealous

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Summer is nothing without a new Amr Diab album. This year, Egypt has been ecstatic over everything Diab is doing, whether it’s the shirt he’s wearing on the album cover, looking younger than your nephew or his new love interest.


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For months, there have been speculations about a Dina El-Sherbini and Amr Diab romance. Nothing has been confirmed, but fans have been clearly waiting for a sign and a Facebook status just gave them one. Dina El-Sherbini’s Facebook account — that happens to be fake — just asked fans what they thought about Diab’s new album.


To say fans turned into jealous piranhas would be an understatement. Diab’s song “Agmal Eyoun” clearly shows his love for a Pisces girl, which happens to be El-Sherbini’s horoscope. Coincidence? Maybe. However, social media users reacting to her status redefines social media catfights.


Caption reads: We’ll replace the Pisces song with a Gemini song.


Caption reads: It’s good except for one song.


Caption reads: Amr Diab should have said he loved Dina El-Sherbini instead of a Pisces girl and spare us the newsfeed drama.


Caption reads: So you are the reason he is happy? I can’t find one sad song.


Caption reads: Anything for an Aquarius girl?


Caption reads: Why are you concerned with Diab’s album as if you’re the only Pisces girl.



WE SAID THIS: Sorry guys, but this isn’t even her real account.