All You Need to Know: Saudi Arabia’s New Art Academies

It’s an absolute pleasure to announce that Saudi Arabia’s art and music scene is taking over the Kingdom with these new art academies. In line with the Ministry of Culture’s Quality of Life Program, the initiative’s goal is to improve standards of living in Saudi Arabia.

One of the academies will specialize in heritage and traditional arts, while the other one will be dedicated solely to music. All talented artists can now apply to the heritage institute in Autumn of 2020 targeting 1,000 students who are encouraged to register for both short-term and long-term programs. All music enthusiasts can expect to begin by 2021.

Saudi musician Mamdouh Saif spoke about the music academy to Arab News and said “this will be the core of music production and talent development in Saudi Arabia…the academy is the right place to launch the music industry in Saudi Arabia, and it will have a significant impact on Saudi youth, and young people in surrounding countries” he added.

Also, in a statment by Minister of Culture Prince Badr bin Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Farhan read that “rich in diverse arts, talents and artistic production, the academies would be the first step toward academic qualification in the arts within the Kingdom.” He added that “the initiative enjoyed unlimited support from King Salman and Crown Prince Mohamed Bin Salman.”

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