All The Ways RSIFF Shined at The 77th Edition Of The Cannes Film Festival

Red Sea International Film Festival (RSIFF) is one of the initiatives that grew out of the Ministry of Culture. It came to life as a way to boost filmmaking in the Kingdom and to propel its Saudi Vision 2030.

That very festival also streamed into one of the world’s most prestigious film gatherings, the Cannes Film Festival. Here are all the ways the RSIFF was in Cannes:

Red Sea Funded Saudi Film “Norah” Becomes First Project Selected For Cannes

Backing more than 250 films with 15 million US Dollar grants, the Red Sea Fund, the funding arm of RSIFF, is the Kingdom’s dynamic force in film financing.

Continuing its support of film projects, one of its funded films, “Norah,” achieved a major milestone by getting selected to take part in the Un Certain Regard section of the prestigious Cannes Film Festival.

This is the first time a Saudi film has been recognized in that capacity at Cannes, making it a major milestone for the Kingdom’s film industry.

Saudi Arabia’s RSIFF hosts “Women in Cinema” Gala in Cannes

Continuing to make an appearance at Cannes, the RSIFF hosted the “Women in Cinema” Gala in partnership with Vanity Fair Europe in Cannes. This special gala took place after the RSIFF presented the “Women in Cinema” panel discussion during the Variety Global Conversations event.

RSIFF’s All-Female Panel Talk At Cannes

Major female celebrities took part in the panel, including Egyptian actress and model Salma Abu Deif, Indian actress Kiara Advani, Thai actress, model, and singer Sarocha Chankimha (also known as Freen), Saudi actress Adhwa Fahad, Saudi singer and actress Aseel Omran, and French-Senegalese director Ramata Toulaye-Sy.

From early beginnings to career breakthroughs, the panel talk was seeped in inspirational talk among the celebrities. This talk was there to bring together female talents from around the world and to recognize their contributions to the world of entertainment.

Seeing how the Kingdom’s biggest filming arm made such big strides in the globe’s most renowned film festival is an indication of its special foothold in the entertainment world.

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