Alexandria University Students Are Furious as They Find Surveillance Cameras Installed in Restrooms

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Students at Faculty of Pharmacy, Alexandria University, expressed their anger towards the administration’s decision to install surveillance cameras in the restrooms. The cameras were first installed both outside and inside the restrooms. The administration claimed that the only purpose of such a decision was to prevent theft!

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As two recent robbery incidents have recently occurred, it was considered waste of public funds. So as it prevent any further theft of plumbing equipment, installation of the cameras seemed to them like a good idea. However, that’s not what students saw it. The issue went viral on social media as students expressed their rage calling the situation an illegal and improper invasion of their privacy and personal freedom.

In response, Dr. Khadiga Ismail, the Dean, said that cameras, whether inside or outside, were only pointed at the restrooms’ doors. She also added that monitors were present only in her office, assuring that nobody else has access to the footage. After the failed attempts of trying to make the situation sound more acceptable, cameras were eventually moved outside.

Via Al Sa3ed News

Surprisingly, the students’ union dropped bombs when they announced that those cameras weren’t operational in the first place. None of the cameras were connected, whether with wires or any other means of wireless connection. Turns out that the administration used those cameras as “scarecrows” for workers or anyone guilty of theft.

WE SAID THIS: Security or no security, what is exactly considered invasion of privacy then?

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