Al-Adl Group Retracts Fadl Shaker’s Theme Song For Youssra’s Ramadan TV Show

This week, Mega production house, Al-Adl Group, announced Fadl Shaker as the star who will be singing their Ramadan show’s theme song. Ladayna Aqwal Okhra, Ramadan series starring Youssra, is one of the most anticipated series this year and it is already making headlines.

This week, after Shaker’s return announcement, the internet did not take it too well, especially Lebanese martyrs’ families. A video went viral on social media of a mother modestly asking Al-Adl Group to retract the song out of respect for the people of Lebanon.

رساله من ام شهيد في الجيش اللبناني الى شركة العدل الجروب كانت وراء إستبعاد فضل شاكر من غناء تيتر مسلسل يسرا….

Posted by Samir Fakih on Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Fadl Shaker has been completely out of the art scene due to his religious and political views. Following the political turmoil in Syria, the singer announced in 2011 his support for the militant’s cause and sang a song for the Islamic Salafism. Later, Lebanese authorities issued arrest warrants for Shaker after a group of militants loyal to Ahmed al-Assir attacked and killed 17 Lebanese soldiers in Sidon, Shaker later claimed to have killed two of them himself.

Al-Adl Group soon withdrew the theme song “Shebe’ana men El-Tamthil” that was already released on Youtube. Medhat El-Adl told Youm-7 that the decision came after coming across multiple requests by Lebanese families, adding that his decision to choose Shaker was from a completely artistic perspective as he believed the singer’s crisis has ended.

WE SAID THIS: We’re wondering who will replace Fadl Shaker’s vocals? Rumors are it’s Carol Samaha.