Saudi Introduces A New Mode Of Transport In Its NEOM ‘New Future City’

Rapid technological advancements are bringing us closer to what we’ve only seen in futuristic movies. And indeed, the future has a lot to offer us as we improve and integrate our lives through new technology and solutions – from driverless taxis to developing sustainable tech cities.

Today, we’re excited to announce Saudi’s collaboration with the German aircraft manufacturer Volocopter, who will propel the city of NEOM to new heights of technical growth! Air taxis will be fully integrated into the city with an aim of carrying passengers and transporting logistics.

NEOM, which stands for “New Future,” is a smart metropolis that will incorporate cutting-edge technology whilst also functioning as a tourist attraction. The first phase of the project is scheduled to begin in 2025 and is expected to cost $500 billion.

via: NEOM

In light of this, NEOM has purchased 15 Volocopter aircraft to begin its flight operations, moving passengers and goods across the city.

Nadhami Al-Nasr, CEO at NEOM stated:

Mobility is at the centre of the equation when it comes to planning cities and urban infrastructure for the twenty-first century. We are demonstrating to the globe that Neom is the right place for implementing urban air mobility.

Nadhami Al-Nasr, CEO at NEOM via Arabian Business

As a result, NEOM aspires to remain committed to sustainability and putting in place mobility systems that are fueled entirely by renewable energy! Zero-emission vehicles will be deployed across all urban and regional mobility modes. In addition, NEOM plans to introduce shared mobility services, driverless shuttles, electric boats, delivery drones, and solar-powered mobility hubs!

All in congruence with NEOM’s fundamental purpose: creating a sustainable smart city that incorporates cutting-edge technologies and heals the environment from the damaging emissions it has experienced in recent years. Both NEOM and Volocopter’s CEOs are committed to sticking to their ideas and providing revolutionary air taxis that will be integrated into the city’s infrastructure.

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