Ahmed Mourad’s Novel “1919” Is Finally Getting a Movie Adaptation

The Egyptian historical fiction novel, 1919, is finally going to the big screen. Originally published in 2014 by author and screenwriter Ahmed Mourad, the story follows the Egyptian uprising against Britain’s occupation of Egypt.

Via Goodreads

The story takes us on the journey of multiple protagonists. One is an Armenian refugee named Ward fleeing the Turkish genocide whose parents manage to escape to Egypt, only to end up losing them to the Spanish flu. Another is a laboratory assistant/assassin/elegant pimp who lures British colonial officers to their deaths. One other character is a man who supplies British soldiers with alcohol, cigarettes, and cocaine, but then loses his father and becomes consumed by revenge.

The novel is finally getting the movie adaptation it deserves and it will be directed by none other than Egyptian director Marwan Hamed. The Synergy production will star Ahmed Ezz and Karim Abdel Aziz. Both actors have delivered earth-shattering performances this year in El-Mamar and El-Feel ElAzraa’, hence this duo is expected to set cinemas and the box office on fire.

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