Morocco Donates Hundreds of Books to Iraq’s University of Mosul

Betrayal, hurt, and sorrow are the least words I can use to describe Mosul post-ISIS. After ISIS’ three-year reign over Mosul, families are still recovering from the aftershock that significantly deteriorated their entire lives. Hundreds of thousands of people remain till this day displaced across Iraq including many with perceived extremist ties.

Educational programs in schools, universities, and other institutions are vital at this point in tackling radicalism, unemployment, and government corruption, or terrorists will begin recruiting again.

The University of Mosul – the largest research centre in the Middle East and the second-largest university in Iraq – is finally being reconstructed and reviving its heritage after being destroyed during the country’s civil conflict. Morocco is currently contributing to the reconstruction process of the university as part of its strategy in supporting Arab causes and reviving cultural heritage. The initiative follows recommendations that were issued by the League of Arab States.

Morocco’s Ministry of Culture and Communication has donated hundreds of books in various literary and scientific disciplines. According to Morocco World News, these donations came after the 21st Conference of Arab Ministers of Culture that took place at the Moroccan embassy in Cairo. The conference was held in the presence of Iraqi officials, including Ambassador Ahmed Al-Dulaimi, as well as officials from the League of Arab States.

His excellency, Al-Dulaimi, has expressed his deep sadness for the destruction of Mosul University, and on the other hand, he expressed his gratitude to Morocco for always being a pioneer in the implementation of this strategy and supporting Iraq in such times of crisis.

WE SAID THIS: The University of Mosul used to have rare works, books, and manuscripts before its destruction.

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