Ahmed Mekky’s Rap Song Is Your Dose Of Music Today!

You see thousands of new faces on your television screen daily, but only a few leave a tear in your eyes and a mark in your life. One actor who has been on the top of his game since we don’t even remember when is Ahmed Mekky.

The comedy Actor/Rapper has left us rolling on the floor countless times. He is the man who made Hazal’oum cool and Al-Kabeer goals. There is nothing this man touches that doesn’t turn into gold and we’ve been blessed with another Mekky dose.

‘Aghla Men ElYa’out’ – translated to ‘More precious than rubies’ is a rap song where a father is telling his son everything that goes inside his mind. This time, we haven’t been left with tears of joy, but instead tears of compassion. Whether you’re a father, mother, son, daughter or a grandparent, these earth-shattering lyrics will humble you.

Watch and listen to epic lyrics by Mekky himself below:

WE SAID THIS: Rappers of the Arab world, you need to step us your game.