Ahmed Helmy Warns Against AI-Generated Deception

By Rawan Mohammed

Egyptian actor Ahmed Helmy has shared a vigilant message with his social media followers. He alerts them to the presence of fraudulent advertisements generated by artificial intelligence (AI). These misleading ads attempt to persuade viewers that the actor supports specific apps that promise financial benefits.

The Bigger Picture

In this digital age, AI algorithms can seamlessly create content, including advertisements. These fabricated ads often feature well-known personalities like Ahmed Helmy.

The danger lies in their deceptive nature—they appear genuine, leading unsuspecting users to believe that the celebrity is genuinely endorsing a product or service.

And when such a figure unknowingly becomes part of an AI-generated scam, it erodes trust.

Skepticism toward celebrity videos is widespread. Viewers doubt the authenticity of content featuring famous personalities, especially with the rise of deepfakes and AI-generated videos. So, while having fun with AI, let’s also safeguard our privacy.