Ahmed Amin Blasts Al-Nahar TV Channel in a Viral Status

We’ve all been wondering where Ahmed Amin has gone. Egypt’s newest and one of our favorite comedians have shined bright like a diamond with his epic acting skills and humor on El-Plateau TV show. Amin started by posting hilarious monologues on social media and It wasn’t long before he had his own show.

Ahmed Amin has been centering the TV stage lately and we couldn’t help but notice. Other than his upcoming show next Ramadan “Al-Waseya” with fellow Star Akram Hosny, it seems that Amin hasn’t been doing anything lately. If you follow Al-Nahar TV channel, you would notice that there have been non-stop re-runs of old episodes of El-Plateau show and Amin has had enough.

In a Facebook status, Ahmed Amin explained that due to false promises by Al-Nahar TV channel, he hasn’t taken any other projects believing he would continue shooting new episodes for Al-Plateau show. For almost a year, he hasn’t been able to work with other channels due to his contract. Amin explained his frustration at the channel for showing old episodes with countless ads that affect the content.

Read the rant below:

via Ahmed Amin

WE SAID THIS: Sabe3 Gar team also went public with its frustration towards CBC channel and how they handled adverts’ slots.

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