Adele’s “Sky Fall” Theme Song leaked!


So much hype around the new James Bond flick that’s coming out especially with Heineken doing some crazy activations to get everyone hyped up! (Don’t know what we’re talking about click here)

But you know what else is as sorely awaited the theme song! This time for Sky Fall, Adele lends her singing chops to the blockbuster, filling in the shoes of some huge heavy weights before her, like Shirley Bassey, Tom Jones, Nancy Sinatra, Tina Turner, Madonna, and most recently Alicia Keys. But they all didn’t suffer the fate of Adele’s newest single…

The theme song has been leaked online before it’s official release tomorrow (damn you internet!!) You can check it out here:

We’re not going to judge the song before hearing it all, but doesn’t sound too amazing except for the classic riffs they have throughout it!

WE SAID THIS: Putting Adele’s name on anything these days means pure gold, even if it’s utter Sh**