Actors We Miss on Television This Ramadan

With over 30 TV series airing this Ramadan, we can’t help but feel something is missing. All series have quite versatile plots, so there is something for everyone, yet these are not the faces we wait all year long to spend Ramadan with.

Where’s the king of Egyptian TV, Adel Imam? Why are we not sobbing next to Nelly Karim? Wait, we won’t get to watch Yousra scheming and plotting someone’s demise?

Where is Ahmed Mekky? Where are our favorite comedians this 2019? No Youssef ElSherif and Ahmed Ezz spying? Or Dhafer L’abidine stuck in a taboo relationship and making girls fall for him?

It’s disappointing that all of our favorite actors are missing this year. Here is a list of people we miss the most in 2019:

Adel Imam

Via Adel Imam


Via Yousrawya Group

Yehia ElFakharany

Via Bel Hagm ELA’ely

Mervat Amin

Via Latotfe’a AlShams

Nelly karim

Via Le23la Se3r

Ahmed Mekky

Via Mekkystyle

Youssef ElSherif

Eyad Nassar

Via EyadNassar71

Amr Youssef

Via Amr Youssef Official

Kinda Alloush

Via Kenda Alloush

Ahmed Ezz

Via Ahmed.Ezz.official

Mona Zaki

Via Mona Zaki official

Dhafer L’abidine

Via Dhaferlabidine

Akram Hosny

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