Absolutely Awful Relationship Advice That You Should Always Ignore

Fighting is healthy in a relationship, but when couples go through a rough patch they tend to listen to anyone willing to tell them what they want to hear. Unfortunately, what they want to hear is not necessarily what should apply. This often results in them making decisions that they come to regret later.


Not all relationship advice is good advice. That being said, it’s important to carefully evaluate what is being told. Why, you ask? a) because there’s a lot of relationship advice floating around out there b) because it’s always good to filter out what can actually be of use, given the nature of your relationship c) because no one understands your relationship better than you and your significant other.


What applies to your BFF’s relationship does not automatically apply to your too.



Play hard to get or et2ali/et2al


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Sorry to say this, but this game is getting way too old. Waiting for them to text or call does not build anticipation, it just builds frustration and its not sexual frustration. If you’re sexually frustrated with your partner because their penis doesn’t work as it used too, it might be a good idea to consider some VigRX Plus male enhancement pills but I digress. Obviously, do not go all out and declare your undying love (unless you really want to), but it never hurts to show that you are thinking about them throughout the day. Deliberately missing their calls and taking forever to text back will just create an unwanted gap.



Just take a look at his/her phone


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Nothing good can ever comes from checking your partner’s phone. In fact, it diminishes the trust that both of you have for each other, and everyone knows that trust is the basic foundation of any relationship.



Be in charge or lazem tesaytari/tesaytar


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It takes two to tango, and nobody should be in charge. You’re in this relationship together, this is not about control, this is about the love and respect you have for one another. This means no “men should be in charge because they wear trousers” or “women should be in charge because they have vaginas.”


If you’re constantly fighting over control and trying to use your genitals to win conversations, then maybe you should re-evaluate your relationship.



Don’t apologize first


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Love is about forgiveness; if you can’t put that ego away, then someone is going to get hurt. No one is perfect and we all make mistakes. If you think that apologizing will make you look weak, well, you’re wrong. Saying sorry and knowing that you too are imperfect takes a lot of strength. If you have done something wrong, admit it. If you’ve hurt someone, apologize.



Problems will work out in their own time


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Sweeping things under the rug will never resolve the issue. Whilst its true that time can help with certain situations, you shouldn’t always rely on that to fix the problem. Talking about the issue and tackling your problems head on will reduce the build up of any negative feelings that you may have towards your significant other.



Marriage will fix your relationship


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Listen up people, marriage is wonderful; it is a precious blessing that can make your life have a deeper meaning, and can help you love each other in new ways. But it does not come without its own set of stress and responsibilities, that can themselves take a toll on your relationship.


This is especially true if you’re still not sure what you want to be doing with your life. A ring on your finger does not in any way guarantee eternal happiness. If that person is not willing to change before marriage, then they most definitely will not change after.


WE SAID THIS: Relationships are hard work; always remember that it takes patience, understanding and good communication for any relationship to work out.