A talent that keeps on giving: after his passing, who is Mahmoud El Louzy?

Irreplaceable is an understatement“, that’s how Mahmoud El Louzy was described, not just as an artist, but also as a human. You probably noticed how the artistic community has been shaken and grief-stricken by the death of the great Mahmoud El Louzy. Different artists of different ages have been mourning him, mentioning his endless support to all his fellow actors, actresses and even students.

Who is Mahmoud El Louzy?

Mahmoud El Louzy
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Mahmoud El-Lawzy, Yousra El Louzy’s father, was Theater Director and Professor of Directing at the American University in Cairo. He was born on September 9, 1958. He worked in the field of acting for a while, then travelled to America and returned to complete pursuing his career.

He participated for the first time as an actor during the movie ‘The City Knight‘ directed by Muhammad Khan in 1993.

During his career, he participated in a number of films, like Alexandria New York, Microphone, Iza3et Hob, and many more. His last appearance in cinema was through the movie New Year’s Day in 2020.

As for television dramas, he took part in several series like Khas Gidan, Al-Jama’a (seasons one and two), The Shining Man For This Time, Haret El Yahood, El Khoroug, and El Hala ج in 2017. 

Widely known for that, El Louzy has also participated in the dubbing of several Disney works at Disney Channel. The most prominent role in his career through the Disney and Pixar movie is perhaps Finding Nemo, where he embodied ‘Morhaf’s’ fish voice.

Many have taken to social media to share their grief and memory of him with the world. Marriam El Khoust, Engy Wegdan, were among so many people who felt grateful for the things he’s has done for them. Be it on a professional side, or a humanitarian one. 

Mahmoud El Louzy

It’s clear how he was so loved and appreciated in the field, that people can’t seem to use the “past tense” while talking about their unforgettable memories with him. 

Mahmoud El Louzy

His students as well did not cease to express their sorrow over his loss. They owe him their theatrical experiences, they’ll miss his witty conversations and his unconditional support. They’ll miss their mentor, but most importantly, they’ll miss an irreplaceable human being.

WE SAID THIS: Rest in peace, great Louzy.