The Middle East Embraces The Digital Life: 7 Arab Apps That Even Your Teta Has Started Using

The Middle East is piling victory on victory, and we can’t get enough. With advancements being made in many fields, web and mobile development are definitely taking the spotlight. There are so many mobile applications that are created by Arabs for Arabs, each with the goal to make their lives easier, smoother, and faster.

Arabs now have online assistance in healthcare, shopping, transportation, fitness, and even financial assistance. There are surely many Arab apps that have renovated the Middle East, but just to mention a few, here are 7 homegrown applications that are made from the Middle East to the Middle East.


This application is the first Arab platform to provide online medical consultations! It’s a product of the teamwork of Egypt, Jordan, the UAE, and Saudi Arabia. Altibbi is an immediate healthcare service. The app links its users with various doctors for consultation via text or even call. Their medical information is reliable and legitimate. You wouldn’t need to look up your symptoms and assume you have a fatal disease. Now you can so easily have access to professional guidance through your phone on Altibbi.

This app is exclusively for linking sellers and buyers. Hedomy is an app and a website for all fashion items from many brands, new or used. Users can sell, exchange, or donate clothes through the application. Meaning, this app is actually good for the environment as it supports thrifting and reusing clothes! Hedomy users can also of course buy clothes. It’s an Egyptian, safe platform for all Arab users.


Rabbit is a transportation application. This app provides Egyptians with fast ways to travel short distances by vehicle! It’s described on their website as a micro-mobility sharing platform. People can request a vehicle to drive them around or even rent vehicles. Rabbit collaborates with real estate developers to operate in specific areas as well!

Yo Neighbor!

This one has many Arab users and especially users living in the UAE with all kinds of nationalities. It’s an app that enables you to rent and borrow items from people around your area. It’s for all people who didn’t have time to go shopping or are in desperate need of things they couldn’t just buy themselves on time. Users can share the things that they would like to lend and also find things to rent themselves, all with their friendly neighbors, safely.


The application operates in the UAE and it’s all about fitness! Fitlov provides fitness tips and training. It’s about nutrition and workouts, and users have access to online guidance and training through the app. With a variety of highly skilled trainers, users can choose their coach and follow personalized nutrition and workout programs to start their body transformation.


The application is dedicated to helping people buy cars in the easiest way possible! Seez has been changing the way the auto business works. In cooperation with manufacturers, dealers, and huge brands, Seez helps people car shop online using an advanced search engine. Arab users can shop through the app for a new or used car, or even rent a car from the best dealers. It’s an efficient way for car business that was introduced to the UAE.

Via Seez.


This app makes Arab users around the Middle East able to save money, or to be concise, get the money they haven’t saved yet. Through planned and monitored cycles of saving money, people lend each other money that will definitely be paid back to them on a prechosen date. The Egyptian app makes its users’ lives much easier, and all at the touch of a button.

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