A Scoop of: Navjeet Chhina, CEO and Founder of Ethos Media!

The 10th edition of the Creative Industry Summit was a huge opportunity for anyone who is looking to have a career in this competitive and ever-evolving marketing field. The attendees and the speakers were literally powerhouses that influenced and shaped the industry on the local and international levels. I didn’t waste the chance to get one on one interviews with some of the most influential icons in the summit; including the innovative Navjeet Chhina!

Navjeet Chhina is the CEO and Founder of Ethos Media, alongside the NBA Legend and Hollywood Star, John Salley! We got to discuss the future of the industry, the plans of Ethos Media in the region, and how we should get ready and adapt with augmented reality.

Check out the interview below:

WE SAID THIS:  We’re excited to see how augmented reality will reshape the market!