A Scoop of Mosalsalat: Hassan Malek Shows Us That Talent Runs Strong in This Family!

Looks like a new member of the Malek family is taking social media by storm. This year, viewers of many shows have been commending fresh new talents who are appearing for the first time this Ramadan season. Among them was Hassan Malek, who plays the role of Mazen, Ahmed Dawoud’s son in “Le’bet El-Nesyan” (Forgetfulness Game).

Although it’s his first time starring in an Egyptian series, he seems to have promising talent. And from what we’ve seen so far, he’s doing great. This young actor caught our hearts when he started falling in love in the last few episodes, showing us how carefree love can be, and making us all smile. We also love his relationship with his father, especially because of the minor age difference between them. Hassan also happens to be our favorite Egyptian star’s brother, Ahmed Malek.

Ahmed Malek shared a picture of them together today, publicly commenting on his brother’s role in the Ramadan series for the first time on his own account. Malek applauded his brother’s performance, and jokingly said that his younger brother would be the reason he gets no more roles in the future!

This role will surely bring about many others, and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for this rising talent!

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