A Scoop of Hope: The Nile Sets the Stage for a Beautiful Rendition of a Palestinian Folk Song

With their colorful thobes (dresses), their cheerful dabke (type of dance), their delicious food, and their joyful songs, Palestinian heritage is both rich, and beautiful. They have specific cultural songs for celebration, for grief, for love, and for almost every other occasion.

Out of these songs comes “Ya Tal’een Il-Jabal” (to those going up the mountains). This song is usually sung by Palestinian women when they visit detainees in prison to tell them that they will be freed soon. The women would add an extra letter to each word of the song so the Israeli soldiers wouldn’t understand them. Recently, a video circulated on social media of two women singing this touching folk song on a felucca on the Nile in Cairo, one Palestinian and the other Spanish, adding a touch of her own language to it.

Scroll down to see this beautiful video that, we guarantee, will make you smile today.

-يا طالعين الجبل: اغنية شعبية فلسطينية غنتها النساء لما كانوا يزوروا السجون .. يضيفوا حرف -الل- للتمويه ولحتى يوصلوا…

Posted by Mazen K. Ziadeh on Thursday, April 30, 2020

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