A Round-Up Of Shows Featuring Young Stars That Have Stole Viewers’ Hearts

This Ramadan season has aired a copious number of shows that not only span genres but have diverse casting. We’ve seen many actors making a comeback in addition to fresh faces, but we want to highlight shows that are starring young actors. Across Ramadan seasons as well as off-season, here are the ones that have caught our attention.

Mystery Box

Directed by Marwan Abdelmoniem, ‘El Sandooq’ or ‘Mystery Box’ aired during the second half of Ramadan and stars Hoda El Mufti, Ahmed Dash and Aly Kassem. In the second show this season for both Dash and Kassem, we see the young actors as intriguing characters swept in stories through mystery boxes with clues on people who’ve gone missing. With each box, the plot thickens as they try to find out what happened. The show will definitely keep you on the edge of your seat and it’s also got a great list of guest stars that range from Tara Emad to Reham Abdel Ghaffour.

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‘Tahqeeq’ or ‘Investigation’, directed by Shank is a definite head-scratcher that’s difficult to forget for all the right reasons. As we follow the main characters played by actors Khaled Anwar, Ahmed Malek, Aly Kassem, and Tara Emad we embark on a journey aiming to answer various existential questions.


Ahmed Malek stars in ‘Bimbo’ as the eponymous character, a drug dealer that gets sucked into an influencer’s disappearance and the series of mysteries that happen post one wild party. ‘Bimbo’ directed by Amr Salama, is perfect to check out for an interesting murder mystery with 80s vibes, this will have you hooked until the last minute and also has Wegz acting! Then this should be your go-to.


Starring Amir Eid and Rakeen Saad and directed by Yehya Ismail, the show alternates between two timelines, the present following a character who’s trying to get a film made on ‘Rivo’ a 90s band and why they broke up. Then another timeline in the 90s where we get to see the band during their prime. If you want to have the perfect playlist, then this is the show especially with a second season coming out.

Meen Qaal

Mariam Naoum’s ‘Meen Qaal’ a 2022 Ramadan hit that follows actors Ahmed Dash, Hana Daoud, Amira Adeeb and many more young actors as they portray characters searching for what to do following high school. The casting and storyline made for one of the few quite relatable shows last year.

With Eid around the corner, these shows are perfect for your watch list. We hope to have more every year that not only star millennials but focus on their issues.

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