A Round Up Of Egyptian Influencers Creating Unique Ramadan Content

You know that hour before iftar, when time feels like it’s at a standstill and everything is moving really slowly? A lot of us would watch the clock in sluggish anticipation of the prayer call. Well, we found a way to make time move just a little bit faster during that drawn out hour. Ever since Ramadan started, influencers all across social media have been making use of the holy month and creating unique content curated to Ramadan whether it’s food, comedy or news. We’ve picked out some of our favorites to help keep you entertained and busy this Ramadan.

Have A Laugh With Salma Eissa

Among the TikTok sphere are many influencers who make light of everyday situations but when it comes to Ramadan, there is no shortage of hilarious moments and quirks to place in the spotlight. Salma Eissa, the young comedic TikToker who has been making us all laugh with her natural sarcasm, witty remarks and eye for the unusual managed to spot some questionable and random occurrences that only happen during the holy month. She decided to turn it into a whole series and called it “Random Things That Happen In Egypt During Ramadan”.

So far she released three videos, each one more hilarious than the next. Our favorite is her second video where she hilariously questioned the pre-iftar occurrence of people careening bags of free food onto moving cars, all for the sake of doing good during the holy month. She even went on to read chunky Facebook posts of people complaining about getting smacked with food before iftar. You have to admit, Egypt does have its hilarious charm especially during Ramadan.

Learn Something New With Mariam Solika

Bringing something new to the fold is Mariam Solika, an Egyptian content creator who wanted to bring in a touch of positivity into the world of news and social media. That was how she came up with the idea of creating “The Good News”, a series of videos where she would tell viewers one piece of good news every day. What’s great about her videos is that you not only get exposed to positive news but also get to learn new pieces of information.

When it comes to Ramadan, she put on her detective hat and scoured the internet to find exciting and positive news worthy of being shared on social media. One of the coolest pieces of news she shared so far was how Al Azhar Al Sherif, Egypt’s biggest religious institution is going to be offering free iftar to 4000 of its foreign students throughout the month. This is just one example of the kind of content Solika shares with the world. To see what else she has in store for the rest of the month be sure to follow her official Instagram page.

Become A Ramadan Show Whiz With Alaa Ismail

This Ramadan alone, over 30 Ramadan shows are airing on TV and with it being quite the number, a lot of us cannot keep up with all this entertainment. That is why a lot of influencers decided to help out, did their own homework on the side and learnt everything there is to know about this year’s Ramadan show lineup. One of these influencers is Egypt’s very own Alaa Ismail aka the “Movie Hustler” who has been giving insightful recommendations and reviews on the latest films and TV shows.


افضل مسلسل في رمضان اول 5 حلقات ؟!🍿#مسلسلات_رمضان #ramdanseries

♬ original sound – علاء اسماعيل

For this Ramadan, he is all about the new shows, making sure to learn all he can about them to give viewers well-thought out recommendations and reviews. So far, he released a whole video where he reviewed Ahmed Amin’s time travel comedy “Al Soffara” and even made an entire video where he ranked the best Ramadan shows of this season. Check out his content on TikTok if you want to stay in the loop of this Ramadan’s top entertainment.

Sing It Out With The Talented Youssef Ismail

Known for his sweet angelic voice and addictive harmonies, Youssef Ismail is the young Egyptian artist who has been making quite the storm all over social media, gaining over 2.1 million followers on TikTok. With him being inspired by the strong vocals of black gospel music, he’s able to bring something new and unique to the performance scene. He does it all from belting out covers of popular songs to singing his own creations.


رمضان #شهر_الفرحة 🌙 صور فيديو على الاغنية دي و انت بتعمل حاجه تفرح بيها حد في رمضان 🤍 #مسلسلات_رمضان

♬ original sound – United Media Services

For this Ramadan, the artist made sure to tap into the festive spirit of the month by belting out popular Ramadan tunes like “Ahlan Ramadan” (Hello Ramadan) and “Shahr El Farha” (The Month Of Happiness) in his signature gentle and harmonious sound. To listen in and enjoy his music, you can check out his Instagram or TikTok account.

Get Even Hungrier With Hemida

Food vloggers are on cloud 9 this month as it’s the one month in the entire year all about food. Restaurants, cafes and dessert shops have been churning out iftar and suhoor menus as well as new and whimsical dessert creations. Our trusty food vloggers made sure to hit up the streets this month to keep us on the loop on all-things food-related. One of our favorites so far is Hemida. We all know and love him for his brutally honest reviews especially of Cairo’s burger and sandwich spots.


متحف حلويات مش محل حلويات 😍#hemidaaaa #fyp #fypシ

♬ original sound – hemidaaaa

For Ramadan, his big focus this year are the crazy and out-the-box dessert creations that have been going viral all over social media. Hemida has been all the hard work for us this Ramadan by hitting up popular dessert joints like La Poire and trying out their latest creations. His favorites so far where the konafa with shai bil laban (milk flavor tea) as well as any of the molten konafa with Belgian chocolate. Watching his videos will definitely make your food cravings go wild but at least you’ll be entertained.

Whether it’s music, a bit of humor or some delectable music, online content has become even more creative and broad, giving us so many entertainment options that go beyond the month of Ramadan. Let us know in the comments if you already follow any of these influencers or if you have our own favorites.

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