A Moving Checklist When Studying Abroad in Scotland

Studying abroad may be the best experience of a student’s life, but they need to be prepared for the journey, their accommodations, and their studies. There are a few tips listed below that will help you build a checklist. When you have checked every item off your list, you can move your child abroad knowing they will have an amazing time.

Choose the best student accommodations

A student accommodation in Edinburgh provides students with a private room, adjoining bathroom, kitchen, and common areas. When the students are studying, they can sit in the common area or their room. Every room is private, and it can be locked when students sleep. The suites in a student housing building have more than one bathroom so that it is easy to get ready in the morning.

Plus, there are solo rooms that sit in the hallways outside each suite. A student who needs more privacy can get a small solo room that has its own bathroom. These student housing facilities offer an apartment living vibe that dormitories do not have.

The student housing building should be close to the school where the students will be studying. Find a housing building in a well-lit area, and try to find a building near public transit stations. You want the students to be able to move around the city with ease.

Pack for the weather

When students study abroad, they need to be prepared for bad weather. Scotland is known for its amazing rain showers throughout the year, and it will snow in the winter. Send students with a heavy jacket, rain boots, and snow boots. Plus, remember that everyone needs a hat.

When summer comes, Scotland is one of the most beautiful places in the world to tour. Students could spend a weekend driving the North Coast 500 in a rental car, or the students might go to the beach every weekend. Some students might like to take a ferry to the Orkney Islands where bungalows and quiet living are the norm. Students can travel across Edinburgh to see the Balmoral Hotel where JK Rowling composed more than one of her books.

Pack for adventure

Students who study abroad should have the chance to travel throughout the country or continent where they are living. You can take the Eurostar from Edinburgh to London through the Channel Tunnel, and into continental Europe. Students may spend a week-off exploring Europe, and you want to make sure they have money for the trip.

Plus, it is wise to get the students a global cell phone plan that allows them to make calls from anywhere in the world. You do not want the students to be cut off while they are traveling. They can use wifi when they are in public places, but they should have a phone that otherwise functions when they leave town.

Students should be prepared to walk around the local community near their building. Make sure the students have maps of the area and a list of shops they should visit. When students make friends in the area, they will want to come back even though they are no longer in school. Plus, building a community keeps the students safe.

Plan for furloughs and holidays

Students who are traveling abroad need to know when they will be coming home for the holidays. You can buy plane tickets in advance, or you can arrange for the students to stay in the country over holidays such as Thanksgiving and Christmas. Make a mutual decision with the students so that they know their schedule. You do not want to surprise the kids by telling them they need to come home on short notice or that they will need to stay over the holidays.


The moving checklist above helps students get ready for the winter in Scotland, the rain, and the summer beaches. Plus, students need to be prepared to travel around Europe, learn the city of Edinburgh, and enjoy their accommodations. You can get your students passes for the EuroStar, and you can choose accommodations that are close to their school.

WE SAID THIS: Each of these steps ensure the students are learning, safe, and enjoying their time overseas.