A Culinary Extravaganza: MENA’s 50 Best Restaurants Have Finally Been Announced

For years now, the culinary landscape has been evolving and blossoming, with more and more restaurants opening up across the region. Each new spot has been bringing something new to the table in an attempt to stand out and cement its own culinary identity and each year, that effort is recognized, veneered and celebrated. This year is no exception as across the region, a special roster of 50 restaurants earned the honorable title of “Middle East and North Africa’s 50 Best Restaurants”, a title that celebrates the best places to eat across 19 different countries in the Middle East.

With 2023, the MENA’s Best Restaurant Awards is going to make a landing at Abu Dhabi to celebrate each of those 50 restaurants during a special awards ceremony. Among the roster of 50 restaurants, Dubai’s chic Japanese restaurant Zuma, Cairo’s Sachi and Beirut’s modern Lebanese eatery Liza will be celebrated and honored. They have been chosen and selected for their innovative approach to culinary arts and how they always manage to push the envelope when it comes to what can be accomplished within the kitchen.

Beyond the restaurants, the award ceremony will place a special spotlight and reward prominent chefs and figures in the culinary industry who took risks and changed the narrative when it comes to the dining scene. Names like Anissa Helou, a Lebanon-born chef who re-kindled a love for old Arab food traditions through modern culinary means or Salam Dakkak, a Palestinian chef who championed the authentic nostalgic taste of her homely Levantine cuisine are some of the chefs that will be honored during that night.

With such a night teeming with talent and culinary finesse, it will lead and pave the way to a future of innovative cooking and culinary expertise for 2023 and beyond.

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