A Behind The Scenes Look At The Challenges That Make ORA A Leading Developer

“Risk is a fact of life”, is how the fourth episode of ORA Documentary starts, quoting its Chief Financial Officer, Mohamed Sheta. This short statement echoes the nature of the international real estate market in which ORA Developers is making all the right moves, overcoming one challenge at a time.

Founded in 2016, ORA is a real estate developer company; new, yet its growth in the market is unmatched and certainly deals with challenging hurdles along the way. In a five-episode inspiring documentary, ‘A Journey Through Time’, the ORA team exposes a lot of the backstage hard work and toil responsible for making ORA stand out. As the Chief Business Officer Amgad Sabry encapsulates it, “The challenge at ORA is to meet the “long-term vision with a very quick execution.”

ORA as a global company has also established impressive projects bringing its real estate vision to North America, Europe, Africa and Asia. With that comes waves of challenges that demand to be faced.

Silversands, Mykonos

Along with that comes the issue of the lack of resources. ORA Developers value quality and sustain the identity of one of the largest real estate developers across the globe. Therefore, when the team in Greece was faced with few resources, they had to import their material from America and Europe which came with high customs dues. Then, this time in Islamabad where the 574 Feddans Pakistan project “Eighteen” takes place, the team was faced with the issue of the soil and constant rain.

Eighteen, Pakistan

The financial challenges are intense with a possible lack of contractors, mistrust from the banks who had a bad history with financing other developers, or high custom dues when trying to import their material. ORA as a developer company working internationally is also sensitive to the constantly changing governments and policies, with official changes like ministers and prime ministers, an entire project can be put on hold.

Moreover, what comes before execution is a thorough research process that does not leave out anything relevant to the success or failure of a project. Which means that ORA Developers investigate all the details relevant to the project at hand, focusing on providing the best experience to the customers.

Meanwhile, by the end of 2023, ORA Egypt will be delivering two ZED Towers in Sheikh Zayed. ORA is fast growing in the real estate market with the enough resources and the united vision of its team of experts led by the creative mind of Sawiris, it is going upwards and shall sustain this for long.

ZED Towers, ElSheikh Zayed

As the documentary came to an end, the team enthusiastically shared ambitions of listing ORA in the stock exchange IPO, and executing inside in the Middle East in countries like the Emirates, as well as taking their grand Caribbean hospitality project Silversands to other places internationally.

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