“Rescue My Family First” A Tale Of A Selfless Palestinian Girl From Under the Rubble

According to Euro Med statistics report published on, there are more than 60,100 buildings demolished in Gaza only since 7 October. As a result of this, more than 6,500 women, children, elderly, and men remain trapped under the rubble either dead, fearing death, or hanging on waiting for somebody to rescue them.

Among the 6,500 stories is one of a 13 year old Palestinian girl named Alma who was trapped under the rubble with her parents, grand parents, and siblings who one of them ‘Tarazan’ is one year. All of them were alive. In a video that went viral over Palestine social media accounts, a man with a torch was able to talk to the girl who was trapped and the clever girl she is, guided him until he was able to get her out.

In the video Alma could be heard saying “save my grandparents and siblings first, I don’t want to be the first” In another moment of the video she said “I want to see them, I miss my siblings.”

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