A 300K Fine & Up To 7 Years In Prison: Egypt Parliament Toughens Sexual Harassment Laws

The Egyptian Parliament approved amends to the crimes of sexual harassment blackmailing, and bullying to have stricter penalties, which were drafted by the National Council for Women

All kinds of verbal, physical, online, or visual harassment are penalized with a 200, 000 Egyptian pound fine and up to four years in prison. The punishment increases if it takes place in the workplace or on public transportation. If the perpetrator is someone in a position of power ( a manager at work, parent, or a guardian) the harassment punishment goes up to a seven-year sentence.

The amendment also increased the penalty of bullying offenses. Bullying based on race, social class, gender, or religion will be penalized with 100,000 and one year in prison, according to Article 309 (B) of the penal code. However, if the perpetrator carries a weapon or attempts the assault by stalking the victim, the punishment can go from seven to ten years.

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