9 Types of Girls That Exist in Every Group

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By Yasmine Dawood

Every group of girlfriends has something in common; that definitely includes the types of girls in every circle.  Actually, some types are pretty important to have in a group; others may sound kind of toxic, but at the end of the day, it is what it is. Some of us are a combination of a couple of types because it also depends on your character and your circle of gals.

On a side note, embracing what type you are is definitely going to help your friendships last. It’s like your role that gets the group going.

So, here you go:

The Loud One

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You do not have to call your friends to know which table they are sitting on, because your friend’s loud voice can easily be your navigation. This one is the most spontaneous of all, and she is also the same person who gets caught up in each and every fight between anyone in the group since she has no control over her words.

Most of the time, she is the purest of us since she does not really know how to hide her thoughts.

The Protective One

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In addition to your mom at home, you probably have a girlfriend with the same mama attitude. She’s usually the one who protects each one of the group from making mistakes; like texting exes for example. Actually, she is also the person everyone is afraid of.

You may find yourself talking about stuff and once she enters the place, you automatically change the subject to escape the necessary intervention. Let’s not forget that she is the one everybody turns to when they have issues they cannot solve or when they need guidance.

The Follower

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There’s a fine line between being a flexible person and someone who is just too lazy to plan or initiate anything. She is usually the one who does not have a say in anything, who never takes sides when any of her girlfriends fight and does not even care if they ever make up or not. She is also the same person who can easily turn on anyone if someone pushed her to do so if she thinks that it’s for her own benefit. The best thing about her? She’s down for anything.

The Planner

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Her role is very important when it comes to vacations or weekends. Actually, she may know all about the new places, parties, or activities to be done in every season of the year, but that does not mean that she will always make the reservation for you. It depends on her character, because she may just initiate the plan and let you know all about the trendy stuff you could do, and she may go the extra mile by already putting the plan in action.

The Seasonal One

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Seasonal here does not only mean appearing or disappearing at a specific time of the year. It differs from one character to another. Some of them appear when they are single and disappear when they are taken. Some appear when two girls of the group are having a fight so she’d pick sides and earn herself a bestie for a while. Some appear depending on their mood. Lastly, some of them do actually appear at a specific time, which is most commonly around Sahel time.

The Attention Seeker

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I bet you have at least one typical attention seeker in your group. This one is capable of making anything and everything about her; she seeks attention in every possible way. She may try to get it by exceeding some limits, by breaking some rules, or by always comparing your issues to hers. She’ll try to be the only one in the picture, or she may be trying to get involved in everything going on around with a little control just to show off. Honestly, I find this type pretty hilarious.

The Copycat

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This one is also characterized by being a quiet observer. Well, this a pretty sneaky type, because she tries to hide her interest in anything you have, but she still observes and maybe sometimes envy you for what you have. You need to take care of this one because some of them have a limit according to their morals and others do not have any at all. Some of them may only have their eyes on your wardrobe, which is okay, to an extent, while others may take it to a whole new level like your career or even your partner. You would be lucky if you do not have this type in your group, and if your mom recognizes this, listen to her!

The Quiet One

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This type is a cornerstone in every group of girlfriends you’ll ever encounter. It’s like they cannot exist without her. Actually, there are two subtypes under this one; the sneaky type who keeps on transferring words between one another, acting clueless, and the other type who is totally aware of everything around her but chooses to ignore it. She prefers to maintain her inner peace and not get caught up in the middle of any fight.

The Stalker

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Do not lose this one, I repeat, please do not lose this one.

This is one of the most important girls in the group. She is always up to do some pretty intensive stalking whenever you need her. In fact, the process is simple; you call her, give her the name, and wait for the results. The best part is that she actually enjoys doing so. Thank you for being you, you gorgeous stalker.


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