9 Life lessons You Learn From University


I’ve always heard people claim that you learn the importance of a lot of things – other than the importance of an education –  from university. Yet, I wasn’t really convinced, until I witnessed it myself.
I’m currently half way through my university experience and I already feel like it’s been the most dramatic, yet best time of my life. The amount of life lessons I learned is uncountable. I’ve reached a point where I can positively state that the lessons I absorbed are far more valuable than any academic course I studied. Just like anyone else, university has already equipped me and gave me a glimpse of the real world.

So here are 8 life-changing lessons everyone learns form their university experience.


1. Your mamma is always right


Remember that girl your mom warned you from in high school, well guess what? She turned out to be a real b*tch. And that guy your mom told you to stay away from, yes you discovered he’s a complete a**hole.
If there’s one valuable lesson you learn from university, it’s that your mama is always right. Whether she’s advising you about your friends, your relationships or your studies, trust me she’s undeniably right.



2. Time heals anything


It may take a week, a few months or even a few years, but eventually everything gets better over time. There is actually a scientific explanation for how time heals everything. But without empirically speaking, university demonstrates to you the importance and miracles of time. Over time you’ll notice that life moves on, your mind moves on and nothing is really worth the pain .You let go of unnecessary things in life and you start to realize what really matters.



3. They want to see you succeed, but never better than them. Remember that.


If you don’t learn this from your university experience, then you can always learn it from DJ Khaled’s Snapchats.
People are not that evil: they want you to be happy, they want you to succeed and they want to you to accomplish your goals. But, if and only if, they do all of that before you!
This took me the longest time comprehend, but at the end I noticed that it’s just a part of human nature, and there’s absolutely nothing you can do about it.



4. Everything happens for a reason


Remember that time you failed a midterm, that time you fought with your best friend, or that time you got hurt? Yes, it was a horrible and devastating time but it was definitely worth it.
If there’s one thing you should learn from university is that everything bad happens for a good reason. Every bad thing eventually leads to something good, whether it’s to teach you a valuable lesson or to guide you into becoming the person you are today; it definitely happed for a reason.



5.Forgive, but don’t forget


Forgive. Let it go. Move on. But never ever forget.
All my life it has been “forgive and forget,” but recently I realized how stupid this actually is. You should forgive, so you can move on with your life and be as blithe as possible, but you should never forget. Always remember what they did to you, so you can prevent yourself from falling into the same trap again.



6. Follow your heart, but take your brain with you


Don’t get me wrong. Fall in love, take risks, say things you’re not supposed to say, do things you’re not supposed to do and feel things you’re not supposed to feel. But do all of this smartly. Yes, university is the time to take love chances, but remember you still have to deal with the consequences, so when you follow your heart, don’t forget to take your brain along the way.



7. Family is the most important thing



In high school, people tend to take their families for granted, but as they grow up they start to understand and appreciate the importance of their family. The concept of a family-bond is indescribable . During university you start to realize that your family will never judge you, they will never abandon you and they will always be there for you no matter what.



8. People will surprise you


People will surprise you, sometimes in a good way and unfortunately sometimes in a bad way. Those who you least expected will stand by your side, and those who you thought you trusted,will betray you, but it’s okay. You’ll lose touch with some people you talked to everyday in high school and keep up with the people you never thought you’d be close to, but again it’s okay.

This took me quite a while to learn, until I realized that there comes a time in life when you realize who matters, who doesn’t, who never did and who always will.


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