8 Unspoken Secrets of the Egyptian Society


Take a look at Egyptian society. A traditional, conservative nation. Kind, funny, friendly people. Families that seem close and have a certain unshakable bond. Such a beautiful first impression, but this is just the surface.

Want to delve into the secret world that lies beyond that exterior?

Read on…


1. Original sin

If you’re an Egyptian, then you probably think you’re better than someone. Egyptians are so full of themselves. They think they’re higher class, more stylish, better thinkers and always right – unlike “common people”.


2. Zero self-esteem


I’m not sure what our parents did to us growing up, but obviously there is a major problem when it comes to self-confidence. Even though we try to seem very confident (see point #1), everything we do suggests otherwise. It’s very evident in how men get so insecure about their manhood, how girls need constant confirmation about their beauty and how faux, filtered selves and lives have recently emerged on social networking websites.


3. Bullying


“Why is he talking like that? You can’t marry him.”

“You can’t be my girlfriend unless you dress like that.”

“We can’t count him as someone classy, he doesn’t go to this place or that place.”

It’s not exclusive to kids – adults, too, bully each other on daily basis. Considering the previous points, bullies are a natural outcome. They have difficulty with their own self-esteem, so they tend to want to prove that they’re “better” by insisting on intimidating/hurting/abusing their weaker victims just to end up feeling a fake sense of domination.


4. Mastering fake happiness


We don’t know real happiness. We’d rather pretend we’re happy. We might fake smile to get even with someone or just to avoid anyone judging us (fadye7). People don’t like what they study or do for living, not to mention that most married couples are miserable and do nothing about it (and are encouraged to stay miserable in marriage because “that’s the way it’s supposed to be”). Ask an Egyptian what happiness is to them and they will connect it to events – a football match, a wedding or a political happening.


5. Parents still prefer sons over daughters

(Amr Shalaby/500px)
(Amr Shalaby/500px)

Although the gahlya days are over, we still see wa2d l banat every day. There is an unspoken agreement that boys are a better breed than girls. Someone once told me, “I love my daughters, but having a boy is a privilege.”


6. Discrimination against women by women


You know that mother-in-law who thinks that her spoiled son deserves a “better” wife? The mother who treats her boys better than she treats her girls? This woman who trashes and generalizes other women? Or that woman who refuses to go to a woman doctor?


7. Mental illness

(Omar Adel/500px)
(Omar Adel/500px)

Denial IS a river in Egypt, and it runs in our veins. We’ve been collecting our mental illnesses – which, btw, affect all of us in some way or another with no exception, whatsoever. And we refuse to address the elephant in the room, because, 3aib!


8. Parents suck at raising kids


Let’s face it, parents in Egypt rarely care about the well-being of their children. They are not capable of raising mentally stable, independent individuals who can face reality as adults. Egyptian parents spoil their children rotten and make them totally rely on them. They end up in control of their lives one way or another then eventually play the “ber l waldeen” manipulation card.


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