8 Places Where You Can Blow Off Steam in Dubai

This year was unlike any other. From the uncertainty almost all year long, to the anger that the situation isn’t changing, most of us went through some very rough days as the COVID-19 pandemic took a toll on all of us. Although the year is ending, the circumstances are still almost just the same, and we all definitely need a break. So what better way to take a well-deserved break than to choose some activities to help you blow off steam, recharge, and have enough energy to come back and face reality.

If you’re in Dubai, here’s a list of our favorite places to blow off steam.

The Smash Room

They call themselves “the second craziest place in the world after the White House”, and we know why! The Smash Room is the first-ever rage room in the region, giving you the chance to break and tear down whatever you like. So head there, then scream, smash, yell, and knock down all the stress you feel. And right now, they have a “Smashable Coronavirus”, where you can let out all the rage and actually destroy COVID-19.


Bounce will make you feel like a kid again, and that itself is enough to make you leave with a smile on your face, and definitely a better mood. You’ll even get a great workout experience, without feeling the lazy vibes of heading to the gym.


This indoor adventure park will provide you with all the fun you need to recharge your energy and get back on track. So if you’ve been feeling a little low, head there, and you’ll be preoccupied with all the games and activities, that it will make you forget all your worries.

Flip Out

Jump it off, and let out all the negative energy. Flip Out is Dubai’s biggest indoor trampoline park, and will give you a guaranteed mental health boost.

Jebel Ali Shooting Club

via Bayut

Enjoy the adrenaline rush, put an imaginary picture ahead of you of all your troubles and problems, and shoot it off with a gun at Jebel Ali Shooting Club.

Escape Hunt Dubai

This place will make you forget all that’s happening in the outside world, and focus on solving the riddles and trying to escape. While this place doesn’t have much of a physical activity, it will challenge you mentally, and get your brain worked up.

Skydive Dubai

This place is unlike any other. We know what you’re thinking, jumping off a plane is stressful in itself. But we guarantee you that the moment you finally land, you’ll realize how small your problems are, in comparison with the memorable experience you just had.

Dubai Bowling Center

It may not be an unconventional activity like the ones we mentioned before, but how can throwing a heavy bowling ball onto the floor and hearing it topple some bowling pins not be a satisfying experience? Escape the real life and enjoy some rewarding entertainment.

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