7 Reasons Why Sleep Is Just Like Being in a Relationship

There’s nothing like summer vacation to wreck your sleeping schedule and have you hating yourself for waking up at 6 PM yet again. And with Ramadan and summer in the mix, we know that some of you are most probably not going to see the light of day for another two to three months.

It is then that you start to notice that your day is being controlled by your sleep and trying to fix your schedule is almost impossible. Soon, sleep is all you can think about. It’s the reason you didn’t go out today. It’s the reason you’re so tired. Sleeping in today means staying up all night tomorrow. And you thought your love life was complicated…

Did you know that, if left untreated, a lack of sleep – or insomnia – can lead to all kinds of health complications? If you’re struggling to get some shut eye and are contemplating trying some alternative remedies to help you sleep, you might want to learn more about ashwagandha. Ashwagandha is one of the most powerful herbs in ayurvedic healing and can be used to relax your body and mind, allowing you to enjoy a better quality of sleep. As with anything health related, remember to always consult a healthcare professional before trying any herbal remedies.

So, that being said, here are 7 reasons why sleep is just like being in a relationship:



It can affect your mood



A good amount of sleep will have you feeling good all day. Too much sleep will have you feeling drowsy all day. And not enough sleep will have you in such a bad mood, that you will slap the first person that tells you that you look tired.



It consoles you after a long day



When you get home, sleep will always be there; and it is guaranteed to make you forget your problems for a good eight or more hours.



It can handle you at your worst



Messy hair, hobo pajamas, bad breath and all.



It has its good days, and its bad days



You can either drift off and dream of cotton candy clouds and unicorns, or you will have a nightmare of that kid in class that you barely know pushing you off a cliff.



It needs your attention



Even if you try to forget about it, it will remind you of its presence while you’re watching TV, making it impossible to ignore it.



It makes you feel like the only person in the world



In the next couple of hours, nothing matters but you and your sleep.



It saves you from a boring situation



Instead of sitting and listening to a three-hour lecture about the Renaissance period, you are swept right off you feet and brought to a better, more relaxing state.



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