7 DIY Unique Wedding Card Ideas

By Blanche Ortega

There are numerous options available to those who want to save a few dollars on their wedding. DIY wedding cards are one of them, and if you are open to it, here are some tips and tricks to making some of the best cards for your wedding congratulations. There is a ton of information out there to help you with this creative project, and we have prepared quite a few to get you well on your way.

There is most definitely a way to get your formal wedding wishes across to your guests without breaking the bank, and we are here to show you how. You can create your own invitations from scratch, or totally use a template online, or even edit that template. So if you are wondering how to make your own wedding invitations, allow us to show you the options of DIY wedding invitation ideas available for your use.

With the huge variety of options out there, you will first need to decide how you want your DIY wedding cards to look, and which processes you are comfortable using. The list below on DIY wedding invitations ideas might aid you in this decision process.

Try Online Printing

Explore the wide variety of online printing companies. Compare prices and styles and find the one which best suits your needs. Paper options might be limited, but you could ask for samples beforehand to make your choice for homemade wedding invitations.

Local Printing

When short on time, local printing is one option to consider. While local print shops might not have the standards or prices of online companies, you will have more control over the process and the end result. You can easily choose your paper, customize your style, and much more.

Consider Gocco Printing

Though almost a dead art, there is something to love about Gocco printing, which is a small scale version of screen printing. If you’re trying to decide on this slightly pricier option, take some time to think about it, and perhaps compare screen printers within your area for ideas. The result, however, will be some truly unique DIY wedding invites; the choice is ultimately up to you.

Printing at Home

By far one of the easiest options, this can be done on weeknights and any spare time you find while handling other preparations. It can be a bit pricy due to the purchase of ink, and you might be limited only to the kinds of paper that your home printer can handle.


This aesthetically pleasing option is greatly loved by Pinterest users across the board. This fine art is a bit expensive and requires heavy machinery. However, it is a designer’s dream and can offer you some truly beautiful DIY wedding invitations.

Design Your Own

If you have some designing skills of your own, you might be looking to design your DIY wedding cards yourself. Even if you don’t have enough of these skills, there are quite a number of DIY tutorials online for you to choose from. Study a few and see if this is a project that you can handle, and perhaps try one before going all in.

Buying or Getting a Design

If you’re not into creating your own design, then surely you could buy or get one for free off the internet. There are tons of such designs on a number of websites, including Etsy, which you can use for your DIY wedding cards.

When creating DIY wedding cards, a few things to keep in mind is the kind of paper you use and how much ink your printing will take. These impact the look and feel of your cards as well as the eventual price. Whatever type of wedding cards you are making for congratulations, be it DIY wedding invitations or even ‘save the dates’, there is always the option of creating them yourself. We hope that we have been able to sufficiently guide you in the decision making for your DIY cards, and somewhat in the process too.


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