6 Egyptian TV Mamas That Have Inspired Our Relationships With Our Very Own Mothers

Our moms are everything to us. They are our best friends, confidants, nurses, number one supporters, and cheerleaders; the list is endless with the titles they effortlessly wear. On this Mother’s Day, while we celebrate our mamas and the amazing relationships that we hold dearly to our hearts, we also take a look back at some of the best mother figures across the span of Egyptian TV. Mother roles that we have binged with our very own moms and we might even have asked them during watching an episode or two, why can’t you be more like that mama? So here’s to our moms, on and off the screen.

Amina (Magda Zaki) – Aelat Al-Hajj Mutualiy

Amina was not only a fantastic mother to Saeed (Mostafa Shabaan), with all of her dedication to raising him and helping him achieve his dreams. She was a trailblazer for mother figures in the sense that she become one of the very first to show the idea that a mother doesn’t have to birth a child in order to be their mom.

Fatma (Abla Kamel) – Lan Aeesh Fe Gelbab Aby

Who doesn’t think Fatma played by the icon Abla Kamel was a mother that we all wished was ours. From stuffing her children with food to standing up for their dreams, she definitely won the mom card.

Mama Noona (Kareema Mokhtar) – Yetraba Fe Ezzo

Via ElFann

Mama Noona played by the incredible late Kareema Mokhtar was such a beautiful mother that we all wished one way or another that she was our mama. From waking up Hamada (Yehia El Fakhrany) with a gentle tone to force-feeding him, she was a unique mother all around.

Farida (Ghada Abdel Razek) – Ma Sabek El Asrar

Killer lawyer, Farida El Tobgy was also a great mother to her three children. I mean, is there a better mother than the one who literally murders for her children? We think not!

Aeyda (Sawsan Badr) – Abo el Arousa

An exceptional mother! Aeyda balanced being a mother, unlike any other figure we’ve seen on television. She worked long hours while also tending to her family’s needs; always there to listen to their problems.

Ahd (Yosra) – Kheynat Ahd

Similar to Magda Zaki and pretty much any other amazing actress on this list, Yosra was born to play the mother role. She has played it consistently and has played it well. From “Ayna Qalbi” to “Kheynat Ahd” her range is incredible. However, in this particular show, she surprised viewers when she seeks revenge following her son’s not so accidental death.

There you have it, six TV moms that while are great, can stand to learn a lesson or two from the incredible women that have raised us.

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