5 Fashion Trends We HATED In 2014

2015 is just around the corner and we are just super excited for it. It is a new year with so many great exciting things to look forward to, but among the things we are grateful to never see again, are these five trends that we simply hated.

Seriously, to whoever tried these trends, what were you thinking?!



1.  The Ripped Jeans


kim k
Last summer, the ripped jeans were a must. Everyone was wearing them and the bigger the holes in the jeans, the better. The reason we hated this trend is because it simply looks ridiculous, what’s the point of ripping your jeans? They don’t even flaunt your legs.



2. Metallic Pleats


It is just too much for the spring! This trend was all over the place last spring. No matter how much we tried to nail this trend, something was just off.



3. Spring Fur



I am sorry Prada, but why do you want us to wear fur during the spring? Can’t we wait til the fall to bundle up? This trend just didn’t fit the spring spirit at all.



4. The Blanket Coat



We get that blanket coats are supposed to make us feel better and comfortable, but do we really want to literally wrap a blanket around us as a trend?



5. Printed Leggings


Can we all agree that leggings aren’t pants? Okay? Okay! So, why do people still wear them with short shirts? It doesn’t make sense.



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