5 Things Women Need To Stop Saying About Themselves

Nike just released a smart – and even kind of funny – video showing women’s inner thoughts as they work out, and it got us thinking about how some of the most destructive things we hear about our bodies come not from others, but from our own selves.

Here are five things we need to stop saying about ourselves:



1. “I hate my [body part]”



Trust us, your perception of your “thunder thighs” or “chunky” love handles is inherently skewed because of your own insecurity about them. Most people don’t even notice – or care – because, as cheesy as this sounds, what matters is what’s inside.

If you really don’t feel comfortable in your own skin, then use that as motivation to make healthier choices and live an active lifestyle.



2. “I wish I had her [body part]”


Identical twin sisters, one looking at other wearing tiara

It’s useless to compare. Women’s bodies come in all shapes, sizes and forms, and it’s the media’s fault for conditioning us to believe that there’s one “perfect” figure.

What’s really sexy is confidence.



3. “Do I look okay?”



You look great. How do you feel? If you feel awkward or insecure in what you’re wearing, change into something more comfy or change your diet and fitness routine to get to a place where you feel sensational in that outfit.



4. “I look like a [large animal]”



Putting yourself down does you no good whatsoever. Learn to be your own cheerleader, your own biggest fan, especially when you’re feeling at your worst. Be kind to yourself; you deserve it.



5. “I can’t”



Of course you can, and you will. And when you finish, that “I can’t do this” will have turned into an “I did it” and “Let’s do it again”. Strive to always be positive. Especially when it comes to yourself and your abilities.


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