These 5 Sectors in the UAE Are Hiring in Huge Numbers

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According to a recent survey by KPMG, more than half of UAE’s CEOs are planning to increase their staff in the next three years. It was reported that around 56% of the CEOs announced that they’ll expand the number of employees by 5%. The remaining CEOs, however, said that they would only recruit between 6%-10% more staff by 2020.


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Cybersecurity, healthcare, tourism, digital marketing, and sales are among sectors that are looking to hire in big numbers over the coming years. The executives claimed there is a skill shortage in digital labor. There will be more jobs in all functions of emerging cognitive technology – robotic process automation, cognitive computing and cognitive automation.


Although CEOs are planning to increase headcount across all functions, one challenge is to bring in suitably trained experts — for example, in artificial intelligence — to derive results from new technologies. Paradoxically, at least in the near term, the need for increased automation will result in more manpower.


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It was also reported that 88% of the CEOs in the UAE said that they are confident in their own industry’s growth. This sentiment was mirrored by GCC CEOs, 92% of whom expressed similar levels of confidence for their industries over the next three years – these figures are well ahead of global CEOs.



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