These MENA Airports Were Named as Two of the Most Beautiful Airports in the World

If you think that there aren’t any beautiful airports in the MENA region other than Dubai’s International Airport, you need to think twice — because these two airports were just named as the most beautiful in the world.


Amman’s Queen Alia International Airport and Marrakech’s Menara Airport made it to the top of Curbed‘s list. Menara is famous for its unique Arabesque design that’s in the shape of 24 rhombuses and three triangles.


via Curbed


As it is described on the website: “Clad in white aluminum panels and featuring stylized Islamic ornamental designs, the structure gives the terminal a brightness that changes according to the time of day. It’s also an excellent example of how a contemporary building can incorporate traditional cultural motifs.”


via Curbed


Queen Alia’s design however is inspired by Bedouins. The tessellated concrete roof canopy spans the entire terminal and also hangs over the facade to provide shade from intense sunlight. The underside of each dome is embossed like the surface of a leaf, and browns and creams match the color scheme of the surrounding desert. Each dome provided a modular unit for construction and will allow the airport to easily expand in the future.



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