5 Places that Prove Bahrain is an Underrated Holiday Destination

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The Arab world is packed with beautiful touristic destinations. People already acknowledge the beauty of visiting Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, and the UAE; but have they every thought about going to Bahrain? Well, you should!


I myself am a Bahraini citizen who lives in Egypt that rarely visits Bahrain; only recently, I traveled to my home city and realized just how amazing it is.


Via Four seasons


The Kingdom of Bahrain is full of exciting things to do; from diving and water sports, to vibrant nightlife, rich local culture, and a friendly atmosphere. Bahrain is also known for its great shopping culture and minimal travel restrictions. Every year, it welcomes millions of tourists; mostly from the Arab States of the Persian Gulf, but also increasingly receiving tourists from other regions. These 5 places below will prove to you just how much Bahrain should be on your list of tourist destinations.



Bahrain’s Favorite Leisure Club: Coral Bay


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Coral Bay is my personal favorite place in the Kingdom. If you like Bayside in Hacienda Bay in Egypt’s North Coast, then you’ll definitely love Coral Bay. Situated on the clear waters of the Arabian Sea, Coral Bay is the ultimate destination for relaxation, adventure, entertainment and absolute enjoyment. It is a beach, health club, water sports center, lounge, home of the island’s most acclaimed Lebanese restaurant, and the host of Bahrain’s legendary Formula 1 parties.



The District of the Bourgeoisie: Adliya


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Adliya is a bohemian neighborhood in Manama, Bahrain. It is the most interesting of the four centers of Manama’s nightlife. The district is full of old townhouses that are considered architectural miracles, and most of them have been turned into art galleries, clustered cafes, pubs, clubs, and restaurants. The district is very Instagrammable, and you’ll find there the “I<3BH” statue that travelers never miss. My favorite is an Italian restaurant called Coco’s, which will pamper any food junkie visiting Bahrain.



The 400 Years Old Tree of Life 


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Nope Tolkien fanboys, this is not the White Tree of Gondor. The Bahrain’s Tree of Life is a legend because it survived in an area that’s completely free of water supply. It is currently ranked fourth in the Official New Seven Wonders of Nature campaign. The 9.75m high Prosopis cineraria tree is located 2 km from Jebal Dukhan. The tree is visited by approximately 50,000 tourists every year. Some say the tree has learned to extract moisture from breezes, blowing it from the Persian Gulf or squeeze moisture from grains of sand. Others claim that the tree is standing in what was once the Garden of Eden, and so has a more mystical source of water.



Nearest Gateway to the City: Al Dar Island 


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Al Dar Island is one of the most beautiful places in Bahrain, and it’s only eight minutes away from Manama via boat. Everything you could wish for in an island experience is there; water sports, music, BBQ, chillaxing, and beautiful views. One can rent a room, hut, or even a tent in Al Dar Island for private accommodation, or just kick back and chill in the public area with everyone else. The pictures you’ll take there are comparable to those taken by travelers in Bali, Bora Bora, and similar islands.



Bab El Bahrain (Gateway to Bahrain) 


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Bab El Bahrain is the main entrance to the Manama Souq (Market). It is a historical building located in the Customs Square. The building was designed by Sir Charles Belgrage, advisor of the Emir, and was completed in 1949. Government Avenue, which runs in front of Bab Al Bahrain, contains many major banks and business establishments. The gold city is a shopping complex for gold ornaments and is also located on Government Avenue.



WE SAID THIS: The only downside about traveling to Bahrain is 48EGP=1BD exchange rate!