5 Middle Eastern Airports That Set New World Records

Imagine this: What are the things you look forward to while waiting in the airport as you are entering and still have some time before your flight? Free WiFi is undoubtedly a major aspect, but dining establishments, lounges, and some activities wouldn’t hurt either! For this reason, we have compiled a list of 5 airports that have not only set world records but have also fostered excellent amenities and provide tons of entertainment.

King Abdulaziz International Airport

This airport, which opened in 1981, has the largest aircraft capacity in the entire world. King Abdulaziz International Airport is noted for its Hajj terminal, which was created specifically for pilgrims who travel to Mecca every year, and is considered the busiest airport in Saudi Arabia during the Hajj.

Additionally, the airport debuted the Alfursan lounge in the international terminal back in 2021. The lounge is the biggest of its kind worldwide in the SkyTeam Alliance network and can hold more than 10,000 visitors each day. The business center in the lounge has conference rooms, iPads, and printing resources. Along with a kitchen, multiple dining spaces, and a kid’s area, it also has a varied and thoughtfully designed cuisine.

King Fahd International Airport

Considered the biggest airport in the world in terms of overall space, King Fahd International Airport has a space the size of a small nation. There are 110 passenger counters at this airport which is in Dammam, 66 of which are set aside for Saudi airlines and 44 for foreign carriers. One of the remarkable things about this airport is that, because of its location, it runs the longest domestic trip in the country between Dammam and Tabuk as well as the shortest international flight in the kingdom to neighboring Bahrain.

Interestingly to know, King Fahd International Airport has its own plant nursery with three greenhouses and 36,400 square meters of green fields. The nursery supplies the airport gardens and planted areas with extraordinary trees and plants. Besides the greenery, the airport Mosque is built on the roof of the car park with an architectural design that combines modern style with the old Islamic style (arches, domes, and other Islamic decorations and carvings on the doors.)

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Muscat International Airport

The World’s Leading New Airport award went to Muscat International Airport back in 2018, according to hospitality News. The primary international airport in Oman, Muscat, is also one of the biggest and busiest in the area. The airport witnessed new expansion projects, such as getting a new terminal which is considered the largest in Oman, a new control tower, and a new runway.

Additionally, a VIP terminal for private jets and an airport hotel were part of the newly built facilities. This addition of the new terminal increased the airport’s passenger capacity to 20 million. Also, it is important to note that either at the Muscat Duty-Free shop, you can try one of the most expensive perfume brands: Amouage which is made in Oman. You defiantly will enjoy the nice smell of its fragrances for the whole flight. Whoever is going to pick you up when you arrive…will definitely be happy.

Queen Alia International Airport

According to the OxfordSaudia Flight academy, Queen Alia International Airport is the top airport to offer guest satisfaction. In 2013, a high-class, luxurious new terminal was inaugurated to replace the airport’s older passenger and cargo terminals. After building this extension, the airport won numerous awards from the Airport Council International for being the, “Best Airport by Region: the Middle East.”

What if you have an 8 hour layover let’s say, what’s the best thing to do and have you not getting too far from the airport? You can arrange for a private driver to take you to have a look at the Dead Sea. The Dead Sea is only around an hour’s drive from the airport so you’ll be able to slip in a short stop at the Ma’in Hot Springs as well! Also, a very economic way to go sightseeing during your stopover is to catch the airport shuttle bus into Amman. The bus’s final destination is North Station and it passes through the center of the city to get there.

Dubai International Airport

The Dubai International Airport has held the title of the busiest airport in the world for four years running with 88 million passengers and 2.65 million tonnes of cargo passing through. The airport occupies a space of 2,900 hectares, thus it is not little in terms of area. The largest airport terminal in the world and the second-largest building in the world by floor size are both found at Dubai International Airport’s Terminal 3. According to Khaleej Times, Dubai had 8.37 million reasons to celebrate after that many people used the world’s busiest airport in August, breaking the previous record established by the facility in August 2017 of 8.23 million.

So get some time to spare and don’t know what to do? You can take a nap in a sleep ‘n fly pod. Located exactly in T3, there are 20 ‘igloo’ style pods with roll-down roofs. Each has a mattress, disposable headrest cover, blanket, pillow, and sheet. You can even shop as the airport has all the high-end designer brands you could want including Gucci, Caroline Herrera, and Marc Jacobs. There are also dozens of beauty and jewellery stores, electronics shops, and gold stalls.

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These airports prove that sometimes the journey can be more exciting than the destination.

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