4 Stages of Relationship Growth; the Goal is to Move Together

Every day, we are surrounded by people in relationships. Whether emotional, biological, or random relationships, we are always graced by the beauty of relationships at every point in our lives. Relationships are part of what forms us, they are integral parts of our growth as humans. 

Some relationships do not require a lot of effort. An example of such relationships is our biological relationships. This is because they are the kind of relationships that are formed without us having much say in it.

But other kinds of relationships, like romantic relationships, require a lot of effort. Even an online relationship with mail order brides needs a certain level of dedication to work. It is not just about knowing how to find a mail order bride, you have to know how to keep her.

Romantic relationships have different levels but not all romantic relationships make it past all the stages. The essence of these relationship stages is for you to know how compatible you and your partner are.

Below are the stages of a relationship:

The Meeting Stage

This is the stage where you get to meet your partner. In this stage, you get to know each other, talk about yourself, the work you do and your achievements. This is the stage where you get to create a good first impression because these first impressions matter.

Even though you may discuss your achievements, this is not the stage to brag. Try to learn more about the person at this stage and leave the horn-tooting for later. Bragging may make you come off as condescending.

This is the stage to be yourself. Let your partner appreciate your uniqueness. Knowing what to do at this stage may seem impossible but how you handle things here will decide whether or not you will progress to the next stage of the relationship.

The Analytical Stage

This is the stage where you have to put your brain before your heart. You can call this the “logic over feelings” stage. At this stage of the relationship, you have to ask questions – deep, logical questions.

Nobody wants to get into a relationship that is a shadow of what they expected. So this is why you have to ask important questions. Questions like, “What are your plans for the future?”, “What is your opinion on X issue?” will help you gauge how compatible you are with your partner.

Assuming you order brides from a different country, you have to make sure that you are the right fit for each other as you both are from different cultures. You have to ask questions that bring their decision-making skills into play because making decisions is a vital part of relationships. Ask questions to test their maturity level and find out your common interests.

The Official Stage

This is the stage where the relationship becomes official. At this point, the initial rush of emotions may have given way to a clearer image of what the relationship is about. To be at this stage, you and your partner should have ideally decided what you want out of the relationship and the direction in which it is headed. 

At this point, you and your partner are now more comfortable with each other as you already know several important things about your partner. The connection between you and your partner has gotten deeper and you are more relaxed. With this familiarity may come disagreements.

There may be conflicts as flaws are now more obvious and there is no reason to hide anything. So, you may get to see your partner doing one or two things that you are not comfortable with. Get ready to tolerate excesses because how you handle this stage will also decide how long the relationship will last.

The Commitment Stage

Of all the relationship stages, this is the one where most people falter at. At this stage, the relationship is much more serious. You and your partner understand each other’s values, goals, ambitions and purpose. Open and honest talks about finances and children are also more convenient to have.

At this stage, you should know your partner’s family and friends and there should be no secrets between you and your partner. But this is a very sensitive stage because expectations will be high. So, keep your expectations in check and ensure that you are moving at the same pace as your partner.

This is also the stage where niggling issues should be dealt with decisively. At this point, you and your partner are about to take the big leap into marriage and therefore all loose ends should be tied up. Remember that it is easier to call off an engagement than it is to get a divorce.

Author Bio – Jamie Polsters is a virtual relationship guide. He has been in the field of relationship coaching for over 15 years. He puts people through all they need to know about starting and maintaining relationships. He currently works at YourMailOrderBride where he and his team guide men from all over the world on how to find and date mail order brides. 

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