3 Reasons Why Clear Bags Should Be An Essential Accessory

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Clear bags are often a requirement for larger events, mostly as an added measure of security to keep everyone safe. Most places have clear bag policies that you’ll need to know about and understand before you bring any type of bag, clear or not, to that place.

But aside from the required spaces where clear bags are mandatory, what else can they be used for? Do they have any benefits aside from keeping everyone safe? It turns out that they do, and if you pull them off right, they can be a great fashion statement while also being really useful.

Different Types of Clear Bags

Basically, if it’s a bag, there’s a clear version for it. You can find clear backpacks, totes, fanny packs, and purses in all shapes and sizes. The type of bag you buy depends quite a bit on what you will be using it for. The only real thing that makes a clear bag, a clear bag is that they are see-through. 

via ENFNTS Terribles

What To Use Them For

When it comes to taking a clear tote on the town, there are admittedly some reservations. If you keep your wallet or phone in your purse or store clothes in your tote, then someone might decide to take it for themselves. But there are a few ways around this problem.

Some people use clear bags as holders for their real bags, especially in inclement weather. If it starts to rain and someone doesn’t want their purse damaged or waterlogged, then they simply slip their purse into the clear bag and have that act as a raincoat.

Additionally, some people use the clear bags as a way to make the color of their handbag pop. After all, you really only notice the color when it’s surrounded by white.

It Helps Keep Things ‘Essential’

How much stuff do you have inside of your bag? Whether it’s a purse, tote, fanny pack, or other bag, chances are you’ve established a routine of putting things inside of there that you don’t really need. Loose change, crumpled recipes, wrappers, and other things you either need to put away or throw away.

A clear tote shows you all of that, and shows it to everyone else too! It almost forces you to go through the bag and figure out exactly what you need to keep and get rid of. That way, your bag only holds the essential items that you need to carry every day.

Additionally, if you are carrying many items inside of a large tote bag, you can tell at a glance what’s inside. That way you won’t forget a thing or have to rummage through it and rely on your memory to tell you what is there.

It’s Light and Cool

Have you ever carried a leather bag in the middle of the summer? When leather gets hot it’s almost as if a branding iron is touching your skin every time the bag bumps you! However, while plastic can still get hot, it’s noticeably cooler to the touch than a heavier material. 

Additionally, when empty, the bag is pretty light. The only thing that determines how heavy it gets is what you end up putting inside. 

You Can Customize It

If you’ve got some things you don’t want the outside world to see, it’s easy to customize the bag to suit your privacy interests. You can place a liner inside the bag to show off the things you don’t mind being seen, while placing more private items in the middle where they can’t be seen as easily. 

You can also use things like sunglasses cases or smaller bags that aren’t see through to conceal your private items. So, no matter the need you want your bag to fill, you can make the bag fit that need.

Try It for Yourself

While most people might buy a clear tote bag just for the occasions where they go somewhere that requires one, it’s more fun to treat a clear bag as a valuable accessory item that you can use anywhere. It’s all about how you use it, and while you don’t have to display everything you own, sometimes giving someone a peek into your bag is a cool experience.

So, give using a clear bag a try, and see what it does for your fashion sense and your lifestyle. If nothing else, you’ll have a clear conscience if you decide it isn’t for you, because at least you tried.

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