The Roots of Cairo; All About the Banyan Tree That Became A Zamalek Icon

Zamalek is by far one of the nicest neighborhoods in Cairo; from its breathtaking Nile views to its streets that represent the beauty of modern Cairo. One of the most popular icons in Zamalek is the huge banyan tree located in Al Borg street, which leads to the Cairo Tower.

The Cairo Tower tree, or Zamalek tree, is more than 150 years old, and one that you just cannot miss when passing by the area. In 1868, Khedive Ismail ordered that it be brought from India and planted there because of its beauty and ability to provide shade. It is one of the oldest banyan trees in Cairo, and according to several sources, it is the only one remaining.

Over the years, the tree became an icon of Zamalek, with couples, tourists, and children making memories and taking pictures next to it.

via Youm7

These perennial trees are classified among the world’s largest. By nature, banyan trees send their roots downwards, creating branch-like pillars that look like more tree trunks.

via flickr

WE SAID THIS: Have you taken any pictures next to this tree?

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