200 Pounds: A Star Studded Cast Joined by a One Paper Currency

Due to a noticeable shortage in Egyptian movies gracing the big screens, we as an audience have become more eager than ever, to find out about the latest features hitting our long-missed movie theaters. So imagine finding out about a new movie featuring an A-list ensemble cast of your favorite megastars! Yes, you’re soon to witness a star-studded cast gathered in one set, dropping the 200 pounds movie together, news that definitely piqued our interest on the spot .. so what’s that about?

One 200 Egyptian pounds paper note is the common denominator of all eight stories told throughout the movie . The ingenious plot follows the lives of different people who belong to different socio-economic classes, who are only united by this 200 paper note that’s passed from one character to another. With Nelly Karim, Laila Elwy, Essad Younis, Hany Ramzy, Ahmed Rizk, Khaled El Sawy, Mohamed Farag, Mai Selim, and many more as leads to the movie.

هاني رمزي يروي كيف تلقّى اشاعة تعرضه لحادث-بالفيديو
Via ElFann

Hany Ramzy was the first to wrap up his scenes during the holy month of Ramadan 2020, at the request of the actor himself, who asked the producer of the work to finish filming all his scenes early on to devote himself to performing his theatrical play “Abu Al Arabi.” And, unlike any of the roles we’re used to Hany Ramzy performing, we’ll be seeing Ramzy in a different light (a tragedy role) as he called the experience a “special one, where he had the opportunity to change his skin.”

As for Nelly Karim, she was done shooting her scenes as well, where she portrayed the character of an unfortunate poor dancer who goes through several challenges and hardships. Nelly expressed her passion about the role she’s playing, explaining that she approached the character as a real one, in order to grasp the whole spectrum of emotions.

Another story that pulled the curtains in its scenes was Ahmed Rizk, who portrays a committed teacher suffering through some of the pressures of daily life. Amongst the cast list is Asser Yassin, who’s probably going to appear as a guest star, as well as Ahmed El Saadany, who will be playing Esaad Younis’s son. The movie is expected to drop during the upcoming holiday feast.

With a rich movie boasting a strong cast paired with eight different stories, the creators of the movie surely didn’t forgo the other elements of success, as they consciously crafted fun situations as well that will partake/overtake some of the scenes. What makes the artwork so special is that it includes a large number of stories, the movie characters are interrelated, and yet, the movie doesn’t depend on one specific celebrity, but a batch of stars serving the plots equally.

WE SAID THIS: A round of applause is in order for the upcoming movie!