20 Things Only GUCians Will Understand

I’ve been studying at the GUC for 5 years. However, it took me much less than that to realize that, while there are things university students in Egypt can all relate to, there are specific things only a GUCian could understand.
Love it or hate it, the GUC serves as your second home now and you can’t help but feel that it’s become a part of your identity. And as any form of identity, it will start to bestow some signs that you belong there unto you.

Here are some that any true GUCian will probably relate to:

1. Having a tutorial on the first slot is your worst nightmare


morning tut
Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community


And you’ll probably drop course because you can’t be bothered to wake up!



2. You have 3am sa3d for breakfast, lunch and dinner


Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community

And you spend your entire gap waiting for his kofta sandwich.



3. You don’t even know who 3am sa3d actually is


guc 3am sa3d
Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community


Is he the one with green eyes? Or the one that makes fun of you everyday… Is 3am Sa3d even a person, or just a name like 3am Hosny?



4. You have to wait for at least half an hour in line for parking


More often than not, you give up and park outside and even then you have to go around for at least 10 times before you find a spot that is remotely close to your gate.



5. You absolutely dread any trip to the admission’s office



It’s worse than getting any government documents renewed!



6. You hate how the security ALWAYS asks you to show your ID even though you’ve been seeing them everyday for the past 5 years.




They know your name and ask about your family, but hey, they still won’t let you through if you don’t have your ID on you.



7. You get to have 7 quizzes, 13 assigment submissions and 5 project deadlines during the last 2 weeks of any semester


Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community

This used to cause you mental breakdowns in your first couple of years, but now you think something’s wrong if you’re not crammed beyond belief.



8. In the labs, you have to try like 60 computers until you actually stumble upon one that’s working



I’ve tried 7 before I could find one to finish this list on.



9. You can pretty much always tell an applied arts student from how they dress


Love it or hate, there’s no denying these people have their own style and they’re not afraid to show it. And don’t be surprised if you find them doing something weird like marching backwards, walking in slow motion or drawing with their feet, it’s just an assignment.



10. The chances of you attending any lecture is inversely proportional to how long you’ve been at the GUC


Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community

I’m sorry, but waking up at 6:30 for any reason other than saving my attendance before I get a course drop is just not gonna happen.



11. You constantly complain about the nonexistence of a proper food court


food court
Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community

Yes, it’s sees, we know! But so long as we’re studying at the GUC, we’ll always complain about it – while being incredibly jealous of the AUC‘s food court.



12. And when a new food vendor opens on campus, you have to stand in line for at least 45 minutes before you get to eat


food court



13. You stayed until 10 pm – or maybe even spent the night –  at least once to finish a group project or an assignment.


Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community


And those will always be your best memories because of the stories you have to tell.



14. And you love how campus looks so peaceful – and slightly creepy – at night




15. You can’t get over the existence of freshmen during the entire month of October


Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community

If areas of campus were on Bey2ollak, each one of them you thought could get a “za7ma” face, now deserves a full on “mafeesh amal”.



16. You switch tutorial groups to be with your friends


group switching
Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community


Because how else are we ever going to make it, if we don’t have our friends to help out!



17. You go to the employment fair for the giveaways


employment fair
Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community



18. You have a love/ hate relationship with the GUC


new comeers
Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community

Most of the time, you can be found complaining about it almost more than you complain about Egypt. And even if you don’t like to admit it, you wouldn’t trade the memories if you could!



19. Despite of everything, there’s a noticeable sense of unity and belonging between you and other fellow GUCians


Photo Credit: GUC Sarcasm Community


Not that our petitions ever get us anywhere or make any difference!



20. And let’s be honest, if you’re a GUC graduate, you’re probably killing it in the job market


A little boy sitting at a desk.
And not just in Egypt.


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